How can I get free website Hosting for my church?

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I want to open a new website for my Small Church, I’m looking for some Free Hosting to host my website And to have my Free Domain Name.
Please help me.

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Free Web Hosting with Free Domain, weebly,,blog, are just a few for sites that offers free hosting. You have the option to use your domain by updrading your account or use their free domain (e.g. These websites are good for blogging purposes. Just be cautious, some free blog hosting sites delete ‘spammy’ blogs or websites and websites that don’t have unique and quality content. You also cannot put any advertisement on most of these free sites thus you have no chance to make money for your church. Most people want their own hosted blog or website to avoid this kind of problem. They buy their own domain name from Godaddy, Namecheap and the like and host their websites to a reliable and cheap web hosting provider.Recommended Cheap Web Host(Almost Free)
hostgator|free website hostFrom your free website hosting query above, why not try Hostgator for almost nothing ($0.01).

Hostgator for Almost Free

If you are looking for a free hosting to learn create website online, then Hostgator is what you are looking for. Their shared plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, no limit on webspace, unlimited domain hosting, more than 4500 website templates and much more.

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